789bet Online Billiards Betting Diverse Forms of Choice

13. јун 2021.

Online billiards betting has become a new trend among young people today. With the development of technology, participating in online billiards matches has become easier and more convenient than ever. Among the bookmakers providing this service, 789bet is one of the names that many players trust and choose. So why this choice? Let’s explore together!

Online billiards at 789bet

The excitement of online billiards at 789bet not only comes from the fact that you can participate in your favorite billiards matches anytime, anywhere, but also from the benefits it brings such as diversity, flexibility as well as Convenience.

Like football, online Billiards also attracts many players. Especially for those who love billiards and are able to play well online, this is an opportunity for them to profit from their passion. In addition, participating in online billiards also helps you develop skills and strategies in playing billiards.

Like other betting games, online Billiards is also highly convenient as you can easily participate via mobile phone. This allows you not to miss any matches and can participate even when you are anywhere.

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Many reputable bookmakers currently offer this product to players, however, 789bet still stands out in the field of billiards betting. With quality policies and services, 789bet has been trusted and chosen by many players.

How to bet on Billiards online at 789bet

To participate in online billiards matches at 789bet, you need to follow some simple steps:

Search for your favorite match or player

On 789bet’s interface, you can easily search for ongoing billiards matches or your favorite players. This helps you not spend much time searching and can immediately participate in exciting matches.

Choose the appropriate odds

After you have found your favorite match or player, you need to choose the appropriate odds to place your bet. This is very important because it directly affects your winning rate. Therefore, consider carefully before making the final decision.

Place a bet and wait for the results

Once you have confirmed your bet, you just have to wait for the results and hope that the player or pool team you bet on will win. This is a thrilling and emotional moment for the player.

Online billiards bet type

There are many types of online Billiards bets provided by 789bet to players. Here are some of the most popular types of bets:


Handicap applies when two players have a difference in level. In this case, the house will offer a handicap to help balance the chances between the two sides. This makes it easier for players to bet on their favorite players.

  • Upper door: Low reward, low risk.

  • Bottom: High reward, high risk.

Over/Under Betting

Over/Under is a type of bet based on the total score of two players in a match. 789bet will offer the following options for players to bet on:

  • Over: Total score is higher than expected.

  • Under: Total score is lower than expected.

  • Tie: Total score equal to prediction.

Money Line Betting

Money Line bet is a type of bet based on the final winner. This means you will bet on the player you believe will win the match. If your player wins, you will receive a bonus corresponding to the odds set.

How to participate in online Billiards betting at 789bet

To participate in online billiards matches at 789bet, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Register a free account Before you start betting, you need to have an account on 789bet. Registering an account is completely free and simple, requiring just a few simple steps.

  1. Log in to the system After successfully registering an account, you need to log in to the system to be able to participate in online billiards matches.

  1. Select SPORTS -> JZ -> Classic JZ At the main interface, you will see a main menu including the options SPORTS, CASINO, NUMBERS and SPIN. You need to select SPORTS to continue.

  1. Select Billiards -> Search for matches -> Choose bet type After entering the SPORTS section, you need to select the Billiards option to search for ongoing billiards matches. After that, you can choose the appropriate bet type and bet as you like.

  1. Enter bet amount -> Confirm Finally, you just need to enter the bet amount you want to place and confirm again before completing the betting process.


Online billiards at 789bet not only offers a variety of attractive bets but also allows players to watch matches live. This helps bring players interesting and emotional entertainment experiences. If you are a billiard lover and want to find a new and exciting way to play, come to 789bet today!